Understanding The Illusion Of Self – Maya

The purpose of this human life is to eventually return to the source of oneness. Not to incarnate back, here again, think of earth as a level in a game… This is the expert level – play the game right and you will succeed in never having to incarnate back here again. Just like a game, we have the option to try, try, try again.

Realising the christ consciousness is within us all and being able to detach from the ego and matter is the main reason we are here. People will continue on this path for many lifetimes until they understand everything and nothing. Understanding the illusion of self – Maya.
The cycle of 26,000 years is in many historic and religious scriptures and we are currently at the end of yet another cycle and it’s written in the stars. The age of Aquarius.
It happened during Atlantis and Egypt (the age of Taurus), unfortunately, greed and power fuelled the egoic minds of men and thus led to falling further into the illusions of this dense reality and away from the illusions of self realisation.
Prophets who learned the lessons were able to leave and return to oneness. We see and read about this with Jesus, Muhammad, and some Hindu gods. Also, many other prophets have tried bestowing mankind with their inner wisdom along the way. Only to be shunned…
The reason I believe that there are so many souls on this earthly level at this time is that we have had undivine intervention along the way. Whilst we have free will we can give this away just as easily as rejecting things that can try and tarnish it. We all have choices, and these choices just like in a game are simply moves on a chessboard.
You can choose to play the game as a competitor, play the game for fun, or observe others playing the game for you.
The choice is yours to make, and that’s the idea of free will.
Do you want to understand the game and surrender to whatever outcome it may have in store for you, trusting the divine timing and way of things?
Do you want to try and control the game?
Maybe you will even allow someone else to make or decide the moves for you in the game.
Again, we all have choices. We all have free will.
We have become lost, stuck, and trapped in this disconnected reality filled with distractions. Reality has been hijacked and it is all but an illusion, playing out like a fine orchestra. The best golden globe picture…
But oh how it’s all but a dream.
‘The world is but a stage and we are merely just players’. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE.
Whether you choose to understand my perspective or you don’t, I believe this to be my truth. Take what you want and leave what you don’t. I am here to just share my experience in this now moment.
The next few years are going to be the tipping point of a changing reality for humanity. There is no right or wrong, we are all on our own paths of ascension. We all have our parts to play in each other’s journey, as we are all ONE, and of the same.
Experiencing this life in our uniqueness, separate from God (source). That is why we came to be here. Whether you believe we came from apes, mermaids, stardust, or we were genetically created. None of it matters, it’s no longer the time or place to be arguing about how we got here. If you found out how we came to be here, then what?
I pondered it many times, then I began to understand that it really doesn’t bear any significance. For what is it that I am to do with that information?
It’s just another limitation or ego construct that my head can react with, I will be again distracted by my own mind.
It’s in your favorite films, cartoons, and series. Your favorite books and games, the art you see, the music you listen to. Time and time again we are shown the reality we live in and how it can be changed, molded, and manipulated. People sharing their experiences with one another through arts and collaboration and oneness with love.
My views, perspectives, and opinions are forever changing. For change is growth. I have recently challenged my views in regards to starseeds and the three waves of volunteers, or the 144,000. I believe that there are many souls who are ready to return to oneness and those that aren’t.
I don’t believe it’s about awakening the world, as I shared in my intuitive timeline… We all have choices to make and regardless of which ‘side’ you are on. It doesn’t matter, you will determine the outcome of the reality which you seek.
There is no external person coming to save us, those are expectations we form through films and television. The hero coming to save everyone and there’s a happy ending, that equilibrium and triumph over good vs evil.
What if I told you, you are the ending. You…
You are the hero, the villain, the extras, the set, the scene, the costume, the art, the cameras, and the director. You play every part, and you are the part that plays.
I believe we have all had galactic pasts in a linear sense, there are souls who have more earthly experiences yet to master and comprehend, and those who are ready to advance from here will do so. I in my own right will leave my legacy.
We have had to come so far away from ourselves to realise how lost we have become. The world and this reality are systematic, structured, and governed by rules made by people we don’t know. Who don’t care, and are power-hungry, thirsty to feed their egos.
The polarity needed to be brought to light and it has for those who needed to see it. The choices we make from this point onwards in our evolution on this planet will determine your future and your outcome.
Good vs Evil is another illusion that keeps us stuck playing the game of life. Anything that separates us from oneness and the illusion of self is a distraction. What is to be good, what is it to be bad.
There are many illusions on the path to enlightenment and the only way to see through them is through understanding yourself and going within.
There is no manual to do so… As one door closes another one opens. How many doors do you want to keep opening? The idea that anything is outside of yourself is an illusion.
Are you ready to walk the pathless path?
Emily Elizabeth