The Law of Blessings

I am sharing a great Universal Truth with you today. Since I have applied this truth in my life, my whole life has changed.

All Universal laws are simple, but when applied have immense power.

The Law of One: The Law of Blessings

One of the greatest of all the Laws within the Law of One is the Law of Blessings.

You can only truly bless another soul when your heart and soul are filled with love and when you are AS ONE with All That Is, your heart and soul overflowing with unconditional love.

“When you bless someone you are invoking divine energy to touch them. When this is done with genuine intent a shaft of Divine Light is transferred into the person you are blessing!” (Diana Cooper “A Little Light on Spiritual Laws”)

The blessings can extend to Mother Earth, or all living creatures and all living things, and food, and water when you bless it, indeed has its energetic frequency raised immensely and indeed becomes a blessing as this enters your physical body.

To be blessed by someone is an immense gift of love.

“In Eastern cultures a blessing is called a ‘dharshan.” When a guru or great teacher gives a Dharshan, a golden flame leaves his heart center and opens yours. If you stay in silent meditation for 20 minutes, you keep this divine energy within you. If, however, you talk or otherwise dissipate your concentration, the cosmic flame returns to him.” (Diana Cooper)

We have forgotten the Power of Blessings in our lives.

We have forgotten to Bless others from our heart and soul and bestow the cosmic flame from our heart centers into theirs.

When you bless your work – it will increase and be filled with love and joy.

If you bless people around you – they will be happy and fulfilled.

If you bless your plants and garden and your home – all will grow abundantly and your home will be filled with love and joy, and a Divine Presence which goes beyond words.

If you bless your body – it will become a beautiful Temple for your Soul.

If more people would start to bless their spouses, their partners, their family, their friends, amazing heart openings will happen and indeed you will fill them with Divine energy and you will be open to be a great blessing to all whom you interact with and encounter. You cannot bless someone when your heart is closed and when is filled with anger and resentment. You can only bless others from the open heart and soul and with great love.

You can request blessings, simply by opening your arms wide, and asking the Divine to bless you.

You may like to add:

Bless my hands that they may serve you.

Bless my work so that it is done with great love for the highest good.

Bless my relationships that they may be filled with unconditional love and an ever deepening of love.

Bless my partner so that we may love and support each other, and grow trust and respect in the deepest and most loving ways.

Bless your children lovingly so that they may experience more love and blessings in their life.

Bless your home so that it is always filled with peace and love, and serenity.

May the Divine within me, bless you.

May I receive blessings from the Divine within you.

The more you bless others and all around you and all you encounter, the more blessings will be returned to you.

When the Divine Source blesses you, you will feel yourself being lifted into the highest frequencies and vibrations of love and light which goes beyond words. It is the greatest gift the Divine within you and without you can bestow upon you. Indeed, your life will never be the same again. It is a gif of sublime infinite Love. Everlasting.

**By Judith Kusel