Sophia Love’s latest channeling of One

This echoes messages being received from many channeled sources – it’s finally happening. Buckle up, Light Warriors. The movie finale is upon us.

August 2, 2022

It is the One.

There are things to say; many things.

(Sophia) Thank you.

The theater that you are witnessing is a staged production only. It isn’t “real” in that it will have real-time consequences for the audience. It is scripted, and there is a pre-determined ending.
Remember this as you witness the mainstream news in the coming days. You are watching a scripted performance.

You will not see an escalation to a “hot” war. This will not happen.

(Sophia) Are you referring to global conflict?

I am.

The hangers on, as has been said previously, will not release their hold or their involvement voluntarily. They will have to be forced to leave and forced to let go. This continues to happen now, only it happens in new territory. This new territory will get all the press as well as all the misinformation.

It will all seem very real. It is a very good show perhaps, but it is not real.

Remember to avoid fear. Their purpose with the orchestration now is to wake up the world. There are things you’ll learn about or hear about now. These are things that you have previously been unaware of.

It is a good idea to remain conscience and aware throughout this current phase. Those who shout it again and again are only assisting in giving it substance. This does not help. It does the opposite.

As you move through this time, you’ll witness the cast of characters emerge and take on different roles. As this happens, remember that in all cases they are actors, whether or not they are aware of their role.

As you approach the end of days, there are prophecies to be fulfilled. Some of what you witness now fulfills those prophecies.

It is the end of days.

It is not the end of time.

The rule by corruption and control ends now. You watch as each stronghold is brought to the surface in order to be easily seen.

Pay attention.

Know that the process has been well planned and is being orchestrated beautifully. These details you will learn of after the final scene is over.

You have not come here to be strung along, suffering, for years and years without result. You’ve come to introduce and enable the new.

Trust that you’ll know when your time to act arrives.

There are other things to say.

These do not relate to what happens on the Main Stream News.

These relate to prophecy.

Some of it is ancient, some of it is newer. In all cases, this refers to things foretold about the end of times.

For these have been, or rather, the potential for these has been seen by your many seers.

In all respects, what was seen exists as a potential. As the right “time” approaches some of them become irrelevant or impossible. Some, not all.

What can be said for sure is that the Earth will respond in a way that is unmistakable.

What can also be said is that Gaia’s response will suit Gaia and her children.

It will not be done in order to fulfill prophecy; it will be done as an authentic response to the energy of liberation.

There are places on the earth that have suffered greatly. They will respond with the most force. You will know them by that force.

This is a reference to Gaia’s actions – not to man’s (actions).

You enter now a unique portion of the trip. It is the part where mankind sees for himself that prophecy is fulfilled.

There will be no mistaking it. That is why it is fulfilled in different arenas. *

The appearance and/or disappearance of certain people or things become just one of the indications.

There are many.

Watch for them. You approach the end now.

(Sophia) Thank you.

*This was a particularly dense conversation. One where the words written fall short of the meaning received when they were said. It felt gentle and loving; the kind of conversation you’d be having with a child about to marry or travel to university or take some other major life step. The first part felt like a reference to what is being shown in Taiwan, as well as the various warnings re: disease and nuclear attack. No exact location or subject was given. The part concerning prophecy held within it every major seer, world religion and sacred text. Again, no specifics yet along with the word “arenas” came the impression of land masses, both rising and disappearing. No time frame was felt for any of it.