Pricing for services is listed below.
If you have medium to serious health challenges, please only book 30 minutes for your first visit. First timers who book a 60 minute session will have it broken up into 2 back-to-back 30 minutes sessions with a break in between. This is to gauge your tolerance to the technology, recalibrate, and hydrate.
Each appointment will have a 30-minutes added for orientation/check-in and debriefing. We are honored at the privilege of meeting you, serving you, and sharing in the transformative energy that unfolds within our sacred space.
If you need guidance on frequency of sessions to best suit the healing you are seeking or help scheduling, please call/text (512)-553-5616.

Tachyon Chamber


  • 30 minutes- $88
  • 45 minutes – $99
  • 60 minutes – $111


3 Pack

  • 30 minutes – $222
  • 45 minutes – $266
  • 60 minutes – $299

6 Pack

  • 30 minutes – $396
  • 45 minutes – $466
  • 60 minutes – $555

Please note that if you have a chronic/serious health condition or other circumstance that requires you to have extended time (many hours/days consecutively) in the chamber for healing, use the contact form to describe your situation and inquire about pricing. In these cases, extremely discounted pricing will be applied to make sure the healing you seek will be accessible to you.

Distance Tachyon Sessions

If you are unable to visit the chamber in person, distance healing is available for you. Since the chamber operates in the Zero Point Field, the constraints of space time are no issue and the energies will still reach you. You will be asked to reserve time for yourself for quiet relaxation/meditation while a photo of you will be placed inside the chamber.

$33 per session