New Channeled Message From The One

AAM’s Sword of Truth

It is the One. 

You are approaching a precipice of denial that, once it is reached, has no option other than to fall straight down into truth. It is the only thing that is left.

The foundation of each element in this made-up reality is located there. Located in truth.
Truth is the only situation of consequence to your evolution.

Everything that matters is found in truth.
You will not recognize truth by its volume or size. It cannot be identified due to its beauty or presentation. In other words, it may not present as the shiniest or most polished package in sight.

Truth is felt.
In order to feel truth, the volume of the fabrication has to be turned down.
It is for this reason, by the way, that the current matrix volume is set so high. It is done so to keep you distracted. It is done so to keep you focused on the fabrication.

Truth doesn’t shout to be noticed.
It merely is.

When it becomes apparent that you hold all the wisdom within – you will stop seeking guidance or approval from beyond yourself.

At this point, your world shifts. It becomes then, a mirror of what you know; a reflection of your truth.

And what image becomes obvious to you then? One of serene solidity, accurate appraisal, sound judgment, unique perspective, vast resources, multiple and varied skills, and wisdom.

Access to your inner self is communication with divinity.

Once you dig deeply there, you will be challenged to discover any difference between the two – inner self and divinity.
For you are birthed from Source and have not separated ever from the beginning.
Truth and facts differ. There are generations of facts, historical facts, of man’s time on earth. Although they may tell the story of what happened to the Race, they do not represent the truth of mankind.

That truth is obscured in the facts, rather than told through them.

For the Race has been manipulated towards a society of conquest, hoarding, debt and competition. Power has been relegated according to specific and visual strengths and attributes.
Real power emerges. It is not granted.
Real power emerges from within. In this way, it cannot be removed or given as a consequence of temporary characteristics.

The Race has been manipulated to worshipping false idols, therefore, denying its own truth. “False Idols” refers not to statues or specific roles, but instead business acumen, statehood, physical beauty and prowess; money.
Once Mankind comprehends his/her own truth, he or she will have access to unimagined power. It is the power, quite literally, to create worlds.
First steps will include a return to nature at a level not before accomplished. This can happen with adding a walk or a visit to a garden to your day. Scheduling some quiet time, outside meditation.

Turn off the man-made sounds and seek those of nature. The birds, the insects, the wildlife, the wind. These things are your fertilizer for discovering self, locating truth and accessing personal power. These are found within you – not anywhere else.
Once you recognize yourself – you’ll meet him/her everywhere. This is the gift of reducing the noise of the matrix. Empowerment.
You exist now in a world supportive of such introspection. There are forces and frequencies encouraging love and tranquility. These emotions spring from your true nature. As such, they remain steadfast and flourish.
They are emboldened by repetition and action. Use these positive, peaceful tendencies to motivate all that you do – talking, listening, posting, communicating, working, playing and resting all benefit.

This is how your world changes.
The change begins within.
You are doing beautifully, my dear, dear human. There is nothing that can hinder your beautiful new world.

That is all. 

(One via Sophia Love)