Mind Bending Perspective: From JCKay

After receiving MASSIVE downloads of important information on the 26th – 28th May, I needed quite some time to recover from this! So many explosive pieces of information (all of which I still have not revealed), as well as coming to terms with my role here on Earth, and the bigger job I do on a higher dimensional level (like many of you).  I have made up for the lack of videos, by FINALLY being inspired to create a spectacular group of incredibly powerful videos, full of truth and mind-blowing information. These following videos will put the pieces of this INCREDIBLE Life Puzzle like you have never heard before!  

Watch the following in order, and prepare to have all old paradigms blown …  
1. #144 – ‘Welcome to 5D!” #pastlives #implants #lightlanguage #higherself #awakening https://youtu.be/iRylLEBO8nQ 
2. #145 Busting Out of This Matrix to 5D (Live) – Our 3D World and Why The Trees Are So Important https://youtu.be/WeqUrSoraBc #144 “WELCOME TO 5D!” #pastlives #implants #lightlanguage #higherself #awakening timestamps included#145 BUSTING OUT OF THIS MATRIX TO 5D (Live) – Our 3D World and Why The Trees Are So Important#146 “PORTAL OF DESTINY” – THE VATICAN DOWNLOAD
 After revealing my biggest download (“remembering” of Universal Truths) on the latest LIVE video, I then completed a video containing profound information about the Vatican that I have been holding onto for 2 weeks. On Friday 28th May, 2021, I was given an instruction from my Higher Self to sit down and write what I could feel was brewing inside of me. I am used to this feeling, and it means that I was about to do some Automatic Writing and tap into my Higher Self. So I sat, and it began …. first the searing headache, and a flow of words that felt like someone was reciting dictation from a book. I had no idea what the topic would be about, but was given the title:“PORTAL OF DESTINY” I then wrote 10 pages of the history of the Vatican and their heinous activities, and them opening the Gates of Hell beneath the Vatican … I was finally told to stop after 40 minutes of non stop writing, as the pain in my head was absolutely burning now, and I was about to throw up! Here is this very powerful video: 3. #146 “PORTAL OF DESTINY” – THE VATICAN DOWNLOAD https://youtu.be/zYR17s0geHQ I hope you had a fabulous week, and I hope these videos help to expand your awareness of our reality, and your role in it.  Sending you all tremendous love and gratitude,   JC Kay xxx