Melchizedek: Awakening Cosmic Lion

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Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, I am the consciousness and the collective energy of Melchizedek known as Lord Melchizedek. I am the overseer of the universal level.

In this space of the universal level of the Creator’s Universe, I can view the entire universe, understanding all the ascension shifts that are taking place and how they impact the planetary level, the galactic level, the universal level, the multi-universal level, and the cosmic level. I, Lord Melchizedek wish to make you aware of an energy that is coming forth.

It is awakening energy from the cosmic level, a beautiful manifestation of light that is being created and appears as the most majestic lion. It is known as the Awakening Cosmic Lion. This energy is moving through the entire universe of the Creator and the earthly planes as well.

The purpose of the Awakening Cosmic Lion is to touch souls with cosmic light that creates an awakening.

When we think of a lion, we may think of courage, confidence, bravery, being the leader of the pack. There are many qualities that we can recognize in a lion and the energy that is coming forward, holds these qualities of journeying bravely with courage, being very relaxed and confident in one’s own body, and ascension process, as well as strength. These qualities are being activated within souls so that they may have the courage to move forward upon their ascension process and journey.

Another aspect of the Awakening Cosmic Lion is healing. The lion is walking the universe of the Creator and healing many souls, especially souls that are experiencing separation, separation within their own being or separation in their reality. It could be separation from the Creator.

When you invite the lion forth, it will come to sit with you. It might snuggle up to you, lie down on its side before you or it may sit and stare deeply into your eyes.

The lion may begin to cry, these tears are very healing because the lion is releasing on your behalf the separation energy. The tears will melt into your energy field offering immense healing.

The lion will come to sit, being present with you, you may speak with it, asking it for healing for certain aspects of your being or reality. The lion will take this on, becoming one with you. You may feel its power, strength, love, courageous love and support as it aids you in releasing the energies. It tears will drop into your energy field like a healing balm to support healing and awakening within your being.

The lion is a very physical view of an energy transmission and awakening that is occurring through the inner planes and the earthly reality. However, the energy manifests as a lion that sits with you to assist you in accessing the energy. it is like an anchor that accesses the energy being delivered from the Creator.

The cosmic lion will serve you in awakening your being creating and promoting healing, encouraging bravery, power, and courage to walk along your ascension pathway.

The cosmic lion will offer to you the tools that you need or will awaken within your being the tools that you need to support your ascension at this time. A deeper connection with the Creator will be felt as will a deeper connection with the cosmic levels. Your being will be filled with such pristine light.

The lion is a rainbow lion filled with all the colors and aspects of the Creator’s light. I, Lord Melchizedek, I am watching as the lion walks through the universe of the Creator and touches souls, it is truly a magnificent experience.

I invite you to call forth the Awakening Cosmic Lion in your meditation inviting the lion to sit with you.

You may share what you wish to awaken and what needs healing.

Then simply breathe deeply and allow the lion to be present with you in the way that the lion feels is most appropriate.

You may call forth the lion as many times as you wish.

The lion will only come when it is most divinely guided. If the lion does not appear to you then simply ask at another time because the divine timing may not be at this time.

This is a wonderful gift to explore and experience.

I thank you,

I am Lord Melchizedek