Join our Meditation; Turning Point for Humanity!

You probably realize that meditating for humanity on the solstice twice a year can be very powerful. But are you aware of just how crucial it will be to do this on the coming solstice on December 21?

This is perhaps the most important date since the December solstice in 2012, when the portal to the Fourth Dimension opened, and humanity and the Earth began the intense and exciting journey into the Fifth Dimension.

On this coming December 21, we will be experiencing the pivotal point of this journey and entering a whole new phase of freedom for humanity for the first time in almost 26,000 years.

There are many people and sites featuring meditations you can join on that date. All are important, and it’s helpful to join one that you resonate the most with. But if you know yourself to be a Starseed – or you have a great interest in calling on benevolent Galactic Beings to assist humanity during these times – you might wish to join the thousands of people across the world who will be following the particular meditation process offered by the man called “Cobra”.

Who is Cobra?

For those who are new to Cobra, he is unique in that his information comes from direct physical contact with various off-world groups (not channeled sources), as well as from individuals infiltrated within various structures on the surface of this planet – all working for the liberation of this planet. According to him, there are many benevolent civilizations in this Galaxy who are living in a high state of spiritual development; and, in recent years, they have gathered in great force to help liberate humanity.

He has been posting messages about the progress of what he terms the “Resistance Movement” or the “Light Forces” since 2012. His blogs are usually translated into 20 languages each time, and large groups have formed across the world to assist people in understanding what is occurring for humanity out in space, based on the information he gives.

In general, this information is about how these Galactic Light Forces have continued over time to defeat the Dark Forces controlling the Earth and are dismantling all aspects of the matrix that has imprisoned humanity for many thousands of years.

As he tells the story, it has been a long and arduous task, extremely dangerous, but they are finally reporting great progress, as they enter the spaces around Earth closer and closer to the planet’s surface.

And now, very importantly, these benevolent Galactics are requesting our communication to them, for us to state that we really desire their help in bringing full liberation to us from the Dark Forces that have held us captive for eons of time.

The Galactics have indicated that they would very much like humanity to join the Galactic Family – a federation of a multiplicity of races in the universe – but they need a clear, strong, and coherent signal from the surface population that contact is desired. They need to know we aren’t just passively waiting for them to arrive; they need our consent, our cooperation, and our invitation for them to assist us.

Meditation on December 21

So, on Tuesday, December 21st, we have an opportunity to do this. And we can do it with a particular meditation, which includes what Cobra calls the “Divine Intervention Activation”, which will send the clear and coherent signal to these benevolent civilizations.

This activation will also help the Light Forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to further stabilize the positive timeline.

What’s important to understand is that it is the number of people doing this activation that is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up the process.

If a critical mass of 144,000 people joins this particular meditation, then, according to galactic laws, we will be sending a strong enough signal to initiate a process of acceptance of humanity into the Galactic family. The process itself will still take some time, but the first and very important step will be taken, with far reaching exopolitical and geopolitical consequences.

You can read the instructions for the meditation HERE.

It’s important to continue meditating for at least 20 minutes.

Cobra states that, for the fullest impact, doing the meditation in the same way and at the same time as the rest of the group is extremely important. Doing it earlier or later, or in a significantly different way, will NOT help us reaching the critical mass. This is because we are living on a physical plane that is subject to laws of space and time; and if we wish to influence the physical plane, we need to do this with laser-like precision, especially time-wise and with unified and focused intent. So, if you feel called to it, please join the meditation at the correct time for you:

Petition to the Galactics

In addition, to really get our message to the Galactics, we have the opportunity to sign a petition that will further signify that we request their assistance at this time. This is actually the first step for stating our intent to make first contact.

144,000 signatures are needed by December 21 to trigger the desired exopolitical effect. If a critical mass of 144,000 people signs the petition, this will be the first physical expression of the collective will of surface humanity in human history that contact and intervention is desired.

It will be humanity’s first exopolitical document and its importance and its long term implications can be compared to documents such as the Constitution or to Declaration of Human Rights. By signing the petition, we are using our free will to create an energetic bridge between the surface of the planet and the forces of Light that live beyond the surface.

The physical act of signing the petition is important because we wish to manifest change on the physical plane – and, therefore, simple inner dedication is not enough. If you sign the petition, you are not doing this only for yourself; you are doing this for the whole of humanity.

It would be good if you could sign the petition as soon as possible, before December 21 — HERE.

Cornerstone Articles by Cobra

There are some excellent “cornerstone” articles Cobra has written over the years that very clearly explain humanity’s plight under the Dark Forces over the eons of time they’ve been with us – and the exciting progress that has been made by the Light Forces to defeat them. See them HERE.

Looking forward to feeling your energy in the Quantum Field on Tuesday, December 21!