Jetson White 4/11 Series

The data and connection points Jetson makes with that data I found extremely amazing.

I feel this is a very important (educational and awareness inducing) series. I suggest releasing any attempts to “intellectually analyze” and let what resonates, resonate. He also points to several series he has posted on his YouTube page. Enjoy the show(s).

Jetson White’s Rumble page
Jetson White’s YouTube page

Note: to move forward and backward on computer, use the arrow keys. On iPhone or pad, click the full screen icon and use the clockwise and counterclockwise arrows.

This series presents evidence that the U.S. government was taken over from belligerent occupiers by our Military on 4/11/2022 according to the procedures in the DoD Law of War document. Our Military will remain in control to ensure the stability of our nation until elected citizen control can be safely restored.