Ivo Of Vega: You Learn More from Your Critics

Ivo of Vega: Keep Peace on Earth
By Shanon Stewart.

Ivo:  My advice to all of you is not to attack someone you feel has slighted you. When you do this, you are simply creating worse karma for yourselves and more negativity to clear.

When you hold grudges, when you hate another because you put yourself beneath them, then this is what they are showing you. They are showing you how spiteful you can be, they are showing you how malicious you can be, and they are showing you why we of the Galactic Federation do not land on earth.

It is this repugnant part of your collective ego’s that keeps those of the Light from landing on earth.

Those starseeds who came to earth volunteered to suffer rejection, abandonment, lovelessness and aggression as part of their daily lives, and Sharon is no stranger to these. The reason you volunteered to undergo this is because you already have the solution to it – and that is many lifetimes of practicing loving engagement with others.

Many of you have forgotten and drop back into your reptilian ego – the ego that attacks.

Look at the claws of the reptilian and look at the hands of a human, yes they are working hands but they are hands that stroke, that soothe, that embrace lovingly the others that they love. Reptilians have claws that attack and tear flesh.

All of you are working on developing unity consciousness. But being angry at someone because they blocked you and your self esteem is hurt is dualistic thinking.

So is the need to attack someone because you felt hurt by their actions. This all must be worked on. All of it.

There is no going forward when you bicker like this.

The person who was hurt by the actions of others is you. Another person would not care. So you feel it justified to attack the person when it is you who hurt yourself?

When you continue to see life in this twisted way, you will continue to create toxicity. You are the one bearing the emotional wound in your light body, and it was re-activated when the other person took action to block you. This is why you must do shadow work and heal emotional blocks within your auric field.

Do you also believe that Sharon must tolerate everyone who follows her with a smile on her face when some attack her in horrible ways? Do you think she is a martyr? That she must carry on a conversation, making herself vulnerable daily in front of those who are strangers, and you feel she cannot exercise discernment about who she allows to follow her, especially when it is you, the one who attacks, that she cuts off?

Why must people tolerate you when you are being intolerable? Yes it is in their best interests to tolerate all that is enacted upon earth, that way you outgrow your need to be in this dimension.

However might I say that it is highly impossible for one person to learn to tolerate every malicious act perpetrated upon them. That is why the GFL is undertaking to change the circumstances under which you live – to make them more tolerable so that a human can thrive.

Are you doing your part? Are you expecting everyone else to tolerate your unruly behaviors and just continue to vent your hurts at all others? When will it be time for you to learn to deal with your own pain and to heal it?

There is so much sympathy for those who are wounded… well, perhaps those who are wounded should have sympathy for others who must tolerate them. Are you capable of this? Of understanding how a person feels when you verbally attack them or do you feel that you are so justified that you can do whatever you like to other people? This is very low consciousness behavior.

It is the Deep State now who believe they can do anything they want to you now. Are you tolerating it?    No?

Ask yourself why you feel hurt and then begin to understand yourself at a deeper level. Delve down into your shadow, which is where your guides and your higher self also abide by the way. This is why it is called “soul searching,” because those who think deeply about their own selves find their souls.

What Jesus did was he came to earth to show you – to physically allow the people to see – how to be forgiving and what power being forgiving could bring them. They still not have learned the lesson.

Those who can forgive will go forward. Those who continue to bicker and fight because of their own low self esteem will stay behind. We do not have low self esteem in the galaxy. It is something inherent only to those who do not realize their greatness. Yet people claim to know their greatness but still behave as a child. Yes, you are a perplexing group.

Me: I do it. I know who I’m connected to but I still have my moments.

Ivo: Yes, you do too. I am not excusing some of your behavior. But you also realize it has come up to be transmuted. You do not personalize it. You realize it is not you.

This is another tactic to work whenever you are feeling upset with another person. Because now with no place to vent your anger at them, you now are stuck with this negative energy. Learn how to transmute and you do both of you a favor. If you cannot do a favor for someone who has just taken a swipe at you, then you must grow and you will be given opportunities to love those you dislike.

If Sharon were to do that, there would be no channellings, there would be no website, there would be no books. She continues to do her work despite the way she is so badly treated at times. The fact that this is a trigger of hers through her father makes it even more painful for her, but she continues working every day anyway. This is the type of devotion we need to see more of.

Forgiveness, and one who continues to help even those who have attacked her. She wishes the best for all upon the planet despite the fact some have treated her very poorly, and that is exactly what Christ Consciousness is about. This is unity consciousness.

Me: The best part is I tell myself in six months times I won’t even remember this person and how nasty they were. If I still remember it, then there’s more to fix, I figure. The best past is one you can’t remember, except for the good stuff. If you’re still remembering hurts, you haven’t learned forgiveness yet, and you’re not transmuting.

Ivo: Correct. The way to unity consciousness and 5D is through forgiveness.

Forgiveness heals the heart.

The heart is the portal to 5D.

Me: Thanks, Ivo.

Ivo: My love, your perseverance is astounding at times. You work through tears some days but you do not stop.

Me: What can I say? That’s what I do.

Ivo: That is who you are. You are also an adjudicator in the fifth dimension and you are a natural healer.