Intel from Within the Treasury Department

Phil drops a huge piece of intel from a new source within the US Treasury. Specific details regarding our country’s economic future are discussed and debated. *Please use your personal discernment! -Usually when someone self promotes A LOT, we should be cautious but doesn’t mean it’s bad intel. -Taylor


The video in this link is over an hour and a half long, so I took notes.  If you want to watch anyway, the update begins at 17:00. He starts out at that point by saying that for the first time ever for him, the plan now makes perfect sense.

He speaks of the importance of the Maxwell trial, of the state of devolution that Trump started, the election fraud and media lies. Public perception matters, and things were done in the way they have been in order to try to keep the herd from spooking (civil war). All things are converging on a point that happens to be right now.

Phil notes that all the high-level resignations over the last months are people who’ve been implicated in the Maxwell trial. They’ve been forced to cooperate. He says Jeffrey still lives.

NESARA ~ If Trump returns and announces it, the end of the Fed and the IRS, etc… folks might just forget that they didn’t like him. Three things had to happen:

  • Biden admin popularity tanks
  • Maxwell trial wraps
  • Worldwide communication and agreement behind the scenes

At 40 minutes in, Phil reads notes from NESARA law. On January 21 of this year (1/21/21), the EFT rule went into effect (?). Trump started working on NESARA as soon as he got into office (remember that trip around the world he took?) It’s why the cabal wanted him out so desperately.

Phil seems quite blown away when he says that XRP will be used in the new banking system. Without a clue what that is, I dug a little and found these comments on the research board I follow ~

What’s interesting about this case (SEC v Ripple) ~ XRP is an American innovation founded by Ripplelabs. If you gauge public and professional opinion on the lawsuit, many believe that the SEC has little grounds to be taking aim at XRP and crypto in general. Make no mistake, the technology used behind XRP is truly groundbreaking, where banks and companies across the world are now adopting the technology behind XRP created by Ripplelabs.

My theory is simply this: The SEC is controlled by the deep state through the Biden administration. XRP will win its case and achieve heightened regulatory clarity. America won’t lose its foothold in a new innovating market. But here’s the kicker. XRP will be (or is) recognized as an official currency by the US government under Trump. Prior to doing so, they accumulate the coins through mass transfers with Ripple owners (Ripple has an office in DC). Upon announcement, the price of XRP skyrockets, and now the US government has huge amounts of capital to pay off an exponentially increased debt basically out of thin air. The rising price can be attributed to recognizing what is basically the most technologically advanced financial payment system in human history (developed by a US company, the infrastructure of which has been adopted by a huge number of banks and companies already.)

So yeah, it’s big news. Okay, back to Phil…

On February 3, 2017, shortly after his inauguration, Trump issued an E.O. with 4 points on regulating the U.S. financial system. The previously unsubstantiated rumors are now confirmed. POTUS was planning on implementing NESARA after his second inauguration, but it now will be implemented via military takeover. The banking system, court system, medical system and school system will all be taken over by the military…basically a massive removal of all things cabal.

One of the major holdups to release was the issue of debt forgiveness. In terms of mortgage loans, the interest paid over the life of the loan will be given back to homeowners. It won’t be all in a lump sum, but negotiations are currently looking at a return of 5k to 10k each month. Principal won’t be forgiven, so it’ll be different for every loan.

Credit card interest that’s EVER been paid will be returned. Open account, closed account…no matter. If you still have balances, you’ll be given the choice of receiving that money in however many payments, or using it to pay down principle.

Car loans are the same as credit cards. If you ever had one, the interest paid will be returned in increments. If you still have a balance, the return can be put towards paying it off.

Student loans will be completely forgiven and zeroed out, with any interest paid returned.

When NESARA kicks in, the currency will be backed by gold, silver and platinum.

There’s way more gold than anyone says, and way less silver. Silver is used for everything, and using it destroys it…so silver will be more valuable than gold. The market for these metals has been completely manipulated.

At around 1:10, he starts talking about his company and all the money he makes from it. I haven’t looked into it at all, but if you want to, it’s

Phil admits that the conversation he had with his Treasury insider didn’t cover tax on any money that changes hands in all this making good on usurious interest paid. He does say that sales tax will be on new and non-essential items only, and at 14%.

The new note is also known as ‘rainbow currency’, impossible to counterfeit blockchain technology. He talks about the new currency in more detail at around 1:20 or so.

The fact that we can even get this kind of intel means that we’re “so close.” Phil is excited.

I’m excited too Phil but putting this (with the rest) into my “wait and see” pile…