Claim YOUR Reality, Ascension Energies NOW, Raising the Vibration of Earth, No Fear Needed Only Love

In this video, we talk about how everything is changing. From the Energies to the Upgrades and to YOU! I pass on the information that my Angelic guides have asked me to share after a five-hour meeting in the higher realms this week. We also discuss ways to clear your energy and live in the abundance! Plus ways that you can help raise the vibration of the planet and bring in the Flash. Everything is moving and changing and it all centers around you! Again as always, please take what resonates with you and leave what does not. I always will share my truths exactly as see them and they are shared with me by my Angelic Guides. Many of the things I share with you in this video I have been talking about for months. For more information watch some of my older videos. It is all from Love and for love, no Fear. If you find it triggers you in any way, take a moment and step back and see why that is. You’ll find that trigger is a place to work from to release it. We are all Lightworkers here on this journey to ascend and we picked every step of the way.

Welcome to the amazing time of YOU, -SA Smith