Athena Channeling: The Event

There have been a lot of questions about The Event. There really is only one place to get those answers – Creator/Source. Bearing that disclaimer in mind, I would like to share my thoughts about The Event in upcoming posts, based on messages I have read over the years – and my own direct experience in a vision/dream which I have posted previously.

Firstly, here are excerpts from a channeled message by a medium called Athena from years ago. I can’t find the source anymore because I transcribed it by hand from a video…

The Event is a multi-dimensional energy coming from the Central Sun, through the Pleiadian star system to Earth. It is pure Love vibrational energy from Divine Creator. Nothing can change, alter or lower this vibration. In 14 minutes it will cover the entire Earth, and all living things will integrate this energy.

People will wake up to the effects and a lot will go into fear. They won’t know what to do. You will get up. You will feel very very different. You will say, ‘Hah! Here we go…’ You will feel very light, a floating effect as if you are floating above the ground. There will be a great deal of pressure around your head area. Try to consciously say, ‘I recognize this energy – it is what I’ve been waiting for…’. Breathe it in. Pull it down through your body into Mother Earth. Your heart is going to be so open, you’ll want to hug everyone in the street. EVERYONE will know something big has happened. Your DNA will be shaken into fuller consciousness. This consciousness will tell you what to do, who you need to connect to, and who is waiting for you. We don’t know all that yet! When the Event takes place, you will know then.

There is no set time or date. We just have to be ready to receive it, to say ‘Yes!’ to it. The Angelic realm is on full call to support us through this. Your guides and mentors will be close around you when it hits. They will be constantly monitoring your body, making it easy for you. If you have done your work, it will be so SMOOTH, like velvet.

Start seeing everything now as you truly want it. Everything you have seen and wanted, you will get it. What you see, you get! Seek the highest possibility for Mother Earth. We are not here for ourselves, we came in service to Mother Earth…The Event is a wave of energy that will transform everything to its HIGHEST potential. Everyone will be receiving what is perfect for them. Start working with it now!

Talk to your guides and masters. Drink lots and lots of water. You won’t be hungry. You will have so much joy, so much peace, so much love. Take the day off work. If you are driving when it hits, pull over in your car…The Event will be a physical experience. What will help you most is to BE OKAY WITH IT. That will move you into the excitement of it. You may experience nausea and dizziness. It is a personal experience so stay away from people until you have integrated it. We Lightworkers will say, ‘Oh my God, the first domino has fallen. It is so exciting! We must help our brothers and sisters. What do people really need to know…?’ (Athena channeling).

Athena’s message is backed up by multiple sources. David Wilcock describes the Event/Solar Flash as multi-dimensional energy, exactly as Athena does. Many sources describe a situation where a global ‘event’ strikes humanity simultaneously, and people are advised to stop what they are doing and lie down to integrate it. 

Timeframes vary on how long it will take for this ‘event’ to affect humanity, but it seems to be hours up to three days. I believe that Light Warriors will recover more quickly and be ready to help people around them who will be completely shocked and stunned.
One thing is very obvious to me – the channeled messages about The Event are definitely ramping up in frequency, compared to previous months and years. We can heed this as a sign from Upstairs to be prepared.

The Event is NOT Ascension – that will happen later. The purpose of The Event is to awaken many more people so they are ready to ascend if they so choose. 
I will include another channeled message about The Event in the next post…

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Where We Go One We Go All.
Love and LightSierra