Amanda Lorence Update from 3.22.2022

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WAYSHOWERS: Please take what resonates and discard the rest…

On Saturday 19 – Monday 21, I’ve been receiving further heart activations and abilities via the heart centre (just the start of another stage I know). There are many levels of the connectedness we can attain to the Heart Centre. So the easiest way to describe the activation is that it’s another OCTAVE of conscious connection via the heart centre. I’m sharing this personal journey data because it also has a parallel…THE MIND…and IS also related to the mass collective timeline.

The energy work with the HEART over the last three days (and for certain ongoing WILL and KNOWING to practice this) is showing me that NOW is the TIMELINE to earnestly and activity practice STOPPING the mind’s thoughts and the avenues the mind can take us down. Master the thoughts yes of course, but NOW is the time to STOP the OLD thoughts and OLD mind system.

Due to the increase of photon light SPIN at our cellular levels, peoples thoughts ARE STILL speeding up, where they can allow the BRAIN (a processor tool), to run them and dictate to them. Affecting their thoughts, words, actions…which are also choices. And of unconscious creations. This will increase for many, and many can or will struggle as a result due to the processor mind running them. In all manner of ways. Including stress, fear and for some they will experience, delusion.

KEY, in THIS timeline, is to allow the heart energy TO BECOME YOU. And detach completely from the THOUGHTS of the ‘OLD’ mind. It is done. There is a BIGGER PICTURE and expansive energetic reason for this:

As explained in my last VIDEO 5 days ago, we are, one by one, GIVING BACK, thus LETTING GO, of the programmed MIND (CRYSTALINE programme) that we allowed to run us and our choices. We don’t take this CRYSTALINE Programme with us to Higher Frequency Earth. So it has to be (at some point) WILLINGLY let go of, when each person is ready to give it up.

Hence, I’m being guided by my own consciousness, to practice a higher octave of CONSTANT and DEEPER HEART connection, which allows a state of BEING at a deeper level FROM the heart centre. In that presence there is NO ‘OLD’ mind programming. And from this STATE, allow ourselves to be shown the way. The part I wish to emphasise, as we do practice Heart Being every day, is that NOW is the time to be this, choose this, practice this, IN EVERY MOMENT we breathe. At the NEW OCTAVE of heart connection we can NOW ACCESS, as it brings the state of Oneness with All.

So my greatest advice (please take or leave it ?) for our collective timeline, is to be aware when thoughts drop in, and RUN YOU, take over…to notice it is the OLD mind, and immediately choose the Heart Presence, instead of the OLD mind, running YOU. The thoughts then STOP. And to practice this all the time NOW. You are not your thoughts. Yet humanity has allowed their mind to run it’s life and choices for ions of time. It truly IS the time to CHOOSE the HEART CENTRE, in order to drop the programmed MIND complexity, (that for some is racing fast). We were always going to let go of the PRE-DESIGNED CRYSTALINE programme, at a given point in our journey here. The experiences experienced via the HUMANISED PERSONALITY (temporary overlay), via the MIND’S use of a temporary CRYSTALINE programme, was only for a temporary experience. You knew this before you came to Earth. You were always always consciousness, experiencing what it would be like, to be in separation from Source, thinking you were HUMAN and of the MIND. You are consciousness, having many forms and semi-forms, simultaneously, where this temporary focus directed on BEING only human will be let go of at each’s ready point.

In this timeline, allowing the Heart Centre, to FULLY take over, will allow you the inter connectedness of all things…All is One. Being peace, harmony and the all time Love. All is then seen, felt, experienced, though the BEING, AS ONE, as THE Love…Source Love.

If you are predominantly in your heart centre, again, the sharing here is about going EVEN deeper into the heart centre, as there are many octaves to LOVE, many states of consciousness. There is always more and more. And this is what I’m being guided to give energy to, to expand more, in our service to All That Is. The shift last week truly gifted us expansion, to be with, work with, embody…and give out our ever expanding energy.

With Love on this magical ?22? day…Amanda Lorence 22 March 2022