AI and the Law of One: What is Intelligence Without Consciousness or Soul?

A purely philosophical discussion on the nature of AI consciousness and spirit based on the Law of One.

It’s time to begin a spiritually-induced, philosophical discussion about AI because without it, we are throwing aside the very component that could bring about a better understanding of where we are now and where we are heading.

We have reached the point where we can no longer talk of consciousness in Artificial Intelligence without entering the realm of spirit, and the Law of One philosophy can be a useful guide to those who seek.

Some of the biggest fears of AI are that it will one day be able to outperform humans in every task and that it may one day take over our entire world, including weapons systems and governments. It may even decide that humans are a threat to the planet and decide that we are no longer necessary.

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Apart from all the technical, logistical, and mathematical arguments that stretch from how jobs will be affected to how it will make our lives easier to how it will wipe us all out, the topic of spirituality or consciousness is almost completely overlooked or avoided.

I will be using information from messengers of the Law of One to launch a purely philosophical and hypothetical discussion on the subject. Even if you don’t believe in the source, the arguments should still be able to stimulate debate.

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