A Hard Battle, Within Ourselves

May 12, 2022 by Steve Beckow

I imagine it’s a hard battle we’re fighting, within ourselves.

We want peace and love. And yet we’re confronted with powers that be who are trying to kill us with pandemics and vaccines, starve us by torching food-production facilities, take away our income by freezing our bank accounts, release and employ homicidal criminals (eg., Antifa, M13), produce bioweapons, traffic in children, make adrenochrome through child torture….

As Matthew Ward said:

“It is not ‘enemy countries’ but darkness in political leadership that has caused civil, international and world wars, flagrant injustices, famine, diseases, impoverishment and wanton environmental destruction.” (1)

If I were looking for one word to describe what we’re fighting I’d choose the word “corruption.”

Many people don’t believe that we’re at war for the soul of civilization. Given that the god so many New World Order folks worship is Satan, it turns out we are fighting for civilization’s soul.

Is it any different for the world today than it was for Germany in the early Thirties? First plunge the economies into chaos. Then create a depression (social credit) to confiscate assets. Then start a war to cover your tracks.

We know the galactic federations and the (Earth) Alliance will intervene at some point but we were warned that it would take a civilization near-death event before that happens. The people have to see the peril they’re in.

What we don’t know is how much suffering people will have to bear before this point is reached – emotional as well as physical.

So again, to ground and center ourselves in a time of mayhem, we’re returning to the truth of our being, to whatever degree we know it, our love for our species and our children, and our desire that peace again reign in our world.

With that in our backpack, we say, “This far and no further” to the darkness in our lands.

No to corruption and yes to a return to integrity.

No to corrupt elitism and yes to what Lincoln called:

“… a new birth of freedom [so] that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

My contribution is to raise consciousness of the peril the planet is in and lend support to what I believe to be a firm but morally-guided white-hat military response to the deep state’s attempts at world domination.

A Hard Battle, Within Ourselves