3 VIDEOS: Tarot by Janine 12-19-21 (“USA Update…”), a Phil 12-18-21 (“The Stage is Set”), and a “Snowy Janine (with updates)”

The first two videos kind of “go together”, as far as possibilities of being “right at the edge” of major changes (financial, etc.) and Trump returning in January.

Janine’s snow-filled video was quite beautiful, with a bit of intel, Christmas stockings, and her cat.

“Tarot by Janine… does a reading where she looks in on the situation right now in the United States! Who’s really in charge there? Is it a big joke? Are people finally seeing through the fog?”

“Phil talks about recent ongoings around the country regarding the impending return of President Donald Trump [in January], as well as some key, little-known events that have taken place in the past week.”

Below, in Phil’s video, go to 39 minutes to hear the intel.
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